Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kim Kardashian's Makeup

I hardly know who the girl is (Kim, that is), but I saw a link to her website on where she discusses her makeup routine (can't wait for her video where she walks us through!). I have to say, every time I see a pic of her (quite frequently when I'm hanging out on makeup sites), her makeup is absolutely stunning.

Anyway, I didn't do smokey eyes today, but I did try out a similar lip combo since I had two of the three things she uses for her lips (MAC Stripdown pencil and MAC Angel lipstick), and a good dupe for the third thing (She uses NARS Turkish Delight and I have MAC Prrr). It's my new favorite combo.

The colors are easy to copy with drugstore brands, too. The pencil's a light brownish nude, the lipstick's a pretty neutral light-medium pink/rose with a hint of frost, and the lip gloss is a milky peachy-pink. You've got to try it out! I think it'll be flattering on just about everybody. Now, I've got her lip color...if only I could get that body!


Anonymous said...

DIDO! She is a really pretty girl. I can't quite figure out the smokey eye without completely overdoing it. Or just looking EMO (LOL). TASHA

Mommy Beauty said...

I know what you mean! It's a fine line between sexy and too much when it comes to smokey eyes. I love the completely black lids (especially when the lid is kind of glossy), but I don't feel that it's good for much other than photo shoots or practice. In real life, it looks kind of harsh, even at night.

An easy simple look to do:
Medium gray or brown on the lid, shimmery nude or white on the brow bone, then a thick line of smudgy black liner (Cover Girl makes a self-sharpening one). Smudge out the liner well all the way around and apply a lot of black mascara.