Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Feel Pretty Dry Shampoo Demo

Who really has time to wash and dry/style their hair every day? Especially not moms with little ones! I got my hands on a sample of I Feel Pretty's Pretty Quick Dry-Clean Shampoo. That saved me about an hour, and I could keep an eye on my daughter the whole time I used it (you can hear her playing in her playpen in the video. LOL). Can't do that in the shower or while drying/straightening my hair.

In the video, I forgot to say that it comes in a pretty blue 1 oz. bottle with a flip-top lid for $7.50. I'll be ordering a full-sized one soon (plus I forgot to order some face wash, so I need to make another order one day in the near future). It only comes in that light color, but it doesn't matter. I have dark hair and the powder completely vanished.

I feel like such a cheese-monkey recording and uploading myself on the phone, but I thought my daughter was going to start babbling at herself so I turned the camera back on. She was talking a whole lot more before I hit the Record button. LOL

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