Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cardioke...And Being a Mom Makes You Crazy

My sister and I were standing in my kitchen the other day talking about competitive moms.

"Being a mama makes you crazy!" I told her. Even the cold water running over my hands as I washed a second massive load of bottles couldn't put out the slightly wild fire in my eyes that fueled my words and made me look, well, crazy. I'm not one of those competitive moms, no sirree bob-taaail. Ok, so I don't initiate competitions in Target, and most certainly not while poking out my newly acquired Happy Mother's Day (early) boobies in a [nicely fitted, at least] velour sweatsuit. Can you tell this has happened to me? LOL

I'm standing there, minding my own business on my quest for the perfect just-shimmery-enough pink lip gloss and I'm practically the victim of guerrilla warfare. The other moms have been watching me from the shadows of the endcaps, decked out in smeared pink blusher and heavy black liner to blend in with the signage and prevent glare. Suddenly I hear, "Ohhh, how old is she? My baby's so big for his age! And he's got two teeth already!" Umm...good? Feed him something? And yourself too? Yeah, you know, at the other end of the store where they serve pizza? And then they are gone. I'm surprised there are no muddy footprints left behind.

Ok, back to the original point: Being a mom makes you cah-RAY-zee.

Crazy enough to buy Billy Blanks, Jr.'s new Cardioke DVD not for the workout itself, but for the multi-tasking ability of calorie burning for mommy, entertainment for baby. What's more entertaining for a kid than to watch his/her mom dancing around, red-faced, and singing (*ahem* badly) out loud? Big wheeels, keep on turnin'. Proud Mary keep on rollin'. Rollin! Rollin!...Then there's the dreaded, "Do your own thing to cool down a little" part. I'm extremely challenged in the rhythm department and do much better with instructions. I'm good at the Hokey-Pokey.

The sad part is, having her watch me makes me feel better about making an idiot of myself. At least I have an excuse, right? She's quiet and I can do other things (like work) during her nap time. But I have to say, I still feel pretty crazy during and after the workout.

Anyway, here's what I think of the workout, all craziness aside:
  • It entertains the kid, so that's a plus. I imagine when she's old enough, she'll want to do it with me. Ha!
  • I really was red-faced. It wears you out. I felt like I got a great workout. I was sweating and breathing hard. It was almost like the dogs got out of the fence again and I had to chase them up and down the hills with a baby in my belly. I was also sore the next day.
  • If you were ever in Show Choir--or you ever wanted to be--this will be a fun step back in time. I was in Show Choir for a year and I loved every minute. This was almost as good, but didn't include sequins.
  • It didn't take that much room, which is also good because I have a living room full of playpens and other toys.
  • Overall, I think it's a good, fun cardio workout that lasts roughly an hour. If I keep it up, maybe I'll burn off some of the fat on my middle.

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