Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BeneFit's Erase Paste

Don't you hate when love at first sight turns out to be a worthless waste of energy?

I won't say that BeneFit's Erase Paste is worthless because I'm sure it works for some people, and for the first few days I tried it, I thought I'd stumbled across my holy grail concealer. Unfortunately, the search continues, though I hope the guys from the Monty Python movies stay wherever Netflix wants to stash them (please, please, not my porch; I don't need any cheesy, migraine-inducing company while I search for my own holy grail).

Like any kid, I ran upstairs to my bathroom to get to work on my undereye circles as soon as I got home with my purchase. I opened the container (a cute little plastic tub with a screw-top lid and a mini spatula to dig it out with) and was shocked by the amount of peach in there (I got the Fair one, but I'd imagine the Medium and Dark ones are similarly tinted). I thought, "No way is that going to work!" Sure enough, though, I looked more rested than I think I ever have in my life (allergies...I didn't exactly party it up all night as a 4th grader) after applying the way the instructions said to (scoop out a small amount with the spatula and use your ring finger to apply from the outer corners in and blend).

It's thick stuff--think of Silly Putty, but a tad more liquid so that you actually can spread it around a little (and about the same color as the original Silly Putty, now that I think about it)--but I need thick concealer to cover the circles. Thin, runny concealer just ticks me off because it won't cover like I want it to and I don't have the patience to put on 42 layers to lighten the area under my eyes to a dull green-gray.

The first day, the Erase Paste looked great. The next day, still good, but not as perfect as I'd thought it was. The third day, I tried setting with powder to stop the downward migration and wrinkle-emphasizing. It's almost like it was too heavy/emollient to stay put. I tried it with eye cream underneath and without. I tried it with powder and without. I tried foundation first, then foundation after. I tried different amounts of concealer, trying to find the magic amount for coverage + longevity - lines.

I'd say it's the best concealer I've found overall, but for the price, I can find something at the drugstore (well, about 4 somethings at the drugstore...). Maybelline can highlight my wrinkles and discolor my discoloration instead, for $20 less.


ConnieB said...


I feel that way about a lot of Benefit's products.

Not my fave for the price.

Mommy Beauty said...

Yeah, I love the Thrrrob blush I got, but the Erase Paste is just "eh." It'd be worth it if I could get it for a drugstore concealer price.

I like the Eye Bright (I think that's the name?), too. I don't use it every day like I thought I would when I got it, but it really does do what it says.