Monday, February 11, 2008

Quick Product Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty eventful, but nothing crazy enough to write much about. I ate a lot of my favorite pie: Chocolate Chip (with walnuts).

I don't have a whooole lot of free time today, but I want to update! The Eye Bright pencil I reviewed last week is now one of my favorite things to use. I put it on my bottom waterline and it looks phenomenal. It's not as stark as the white I've used in the past (magazines recommend that color all the time, but I've always found it to look really obvious), but it definitely gives me the bright-eyed look.

Have you ever tried the white liner on the lower lash line look? If so, has it worked or did you just feel silly?


Christin said...

White eyeliner is now a must for me! LOL In the corners and on the waterline. Don't know why it took me so long to catch up, but it's a total must now. Although the eye bright pencil sounds fun too.

Mommy Beauty said...

I want to see a pic! :) Plain white looks odd on me (some pencils) and/or rubs off in a hurry. The slight pink tint of the Eye Bright makes that technique look less obvious on my skin tone (I guess my skin I'm pink. LOL).

Which white one do you use? Any tips on making it stay on?

Have you ever tried navy blue? It's supposed to do pretty much the same thing. I like that trick too, especially with smoky looks where I want the waterline colored in with a dark color.

I need to put some on today. Somebody made it impossible to get any sleep last night and refused to nap at all until 2:00 today.

Anonymous said...

I look like Im stuck in the 80's.....I dont think Im applying it correctly.

Connie Brooks said...

I use the Mally light wand to line the inside corners of my eyes. It has a sponge on the other end to help it blend. It's a bit obvious, but once blended, I love it. Would not do without it.

It's the only thing I've ever ordered from QVC, and I was really distressed to see that you can only get it as part of a $60 kit now. Does anyone have an alternate suggestion?

I may have to try the eyebright pencil.

Christin said...

Ok I'll take a picture next time. I usually do it really lightly on the waterline. I have a covergirl white eyeliner that I've had forever. it has the sponge tip on the other side for smudging the corners. I don't know how long it stays on, probably not very, what with my contacts, but it works while it does. I bought a e.l.f brand "eye brightener" that is basically white eye liner, but it doesn't go on like the CG one, so I was glad I only paid $1 for it - LOL.
No, haven't tried navy, but I've done purple, some that worked and some that made it worse. I just tend to have eye redness there, so I try and cover it.