Friday, February 22, 2008

Belightful Video Review--EEK!

Ok, I experimented with the video thing. Here are a few things I learned:
*Look more closely at my hair prior to making a video, especially if I just got caught in the rain (hence the "updo" in the second part). LOL My hair's messed up in general, but it's not THAT messed up.
*I should learn more editing tricks before my next one.
*I didn't lose my accent like I thought I did when I moved from south GA to north GA. That thing's like bubblegum on my shoe or something. Also, when I get nervous, my grammar "doesn't hardly make no sense." Blame it on the roots again. ;)
*I make stupid faces.
*I need to change the lighting.

Hopefully next time I won't be so nervous. I had to warm up to the video idea with a review before taking ten minutes to talk through a tutorial. I felt really silly sitting here talking to myself.

I also forgot to clarify: the powder can be a bronzer/highlighter in one. It does have a bit of color, but it's also shimmery. Either way, apply it to the tops of your cheekbones and down your nose. How bronze/highlighted you want to look depends on how much you load on.

Alright. On to the video. I may decide it's too ridiculous and take it down soon.


Anonymous said...

You will get more comfortable in front of the camera, as you go. I think you did wonderful...and It made me want to check out the product too......which is the POINT! Tasha

Anonymous said...

:~ )

Mommy Beauty said...

Thanks! I hope to be a pseudo-pro one day. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a question that dosent particularly pertain to this specific blog, but here goes anyway
I have really long hair and dont know what to do with it 90% of the time. It usually goes up in a bun on my head, or I have to straighten it, which I might add, takes FOREVER! I have naturally semi curly hair, and I hate it. Any Ideas would be incredibly helpfull. Tasha

Mommy Beauty said...

Tasha, my hair is like yours, so trust me, I understand! It doesn't help when kids start tugging on it, either. LOL Or when you wind up with food in it...haha

Mine's usually up too, but sometimes I fix up. I straighten it, or I put volumizing mousse and Biosilk (or similar product) in it, dry it, and it looks good wavy for a day (the next day is another story, but voila--ponytail/bun time).

One thing I've been wanting to do is start up a collection of pretty little hair clips and things so that I can still just throw my hair up in an clip and have it look pretty. Look for ponytail holders, headbands, or clips with rhinestones or designs on them. You could even hold the bun up with a pair of wooden hair sticks.

That way you can still keep your same usual, practical hairstyle, but it will look pretty. It won't even occur to people that you didn't actually "fix" your hair.

While Wal-Mart and other similar stores (even drugstores) have a pretty good selection, I've found that small boutiques have more unique pieces.

Online, you could look at,, or even

Claire's Boutique's a good place to start in person. There's another store called Ice (I think?) that's similar.

Finally, for the days you do have time to browse YouTube and/or spend a little time on your hair, YouTube has some fabulous long hair tutorials. Look for pursebuzz and fordmodels specifically.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ill do that! I love thoes chopsticks, I just havent figured out exactly how to make them stay.LOL

Mommy Beauty said...

You can cheat by putting your hair in a bun with a ponytail holder, covering the ponytail holder by wrapping a chunk of your hair around it (secure the end with a bobby pin), then you can jam the hair sticks in however they feel secure without worrying about whether they'll hold your hair in place. ;)

Carla in Seattle said...

Gurl... you a' dahlin'! :)

Seriously, if you want any presenting tips including how to start and close, email me or get on IM and we'll talk.

I can't help you with your accent, but I can help you with everything else. (I think your accent is part of your charm. :)

Mommy Beauty said...

Thanks for the offer, Carla. I may take you up on it. My big problem is being shy. LOL

And thanks for the comment on my accent. I seriously thought I'd lost most of it! hahaha Nobody ever comments on it anymore (they comment on my sister's though), but they did when I lived farther south, go figure.