Friday, February 29, 2008

Whiten Your Teeth without Bleach

If you're pregnant, nursing, or if you just have sensitive teeth, bleaching your teeth isn't the best thing in the world to do right now. However, if you have to have your one (or several, if you're not pregnant or nursing) cup of coffee a day to keep living, your teeth may not be the shade of white you'd like.

Lipsticks, glosses, and liners with blue undertones--especially reds, plums, and some pinks, can brighten your smile. Slapping some on is painless, quick, and it can wake your face up along with your smile.

These are some of my favorites that make my teeth look whiter when I wear them. I'm a huge coffee fiend...if you saw Stephen Colbert's skit about Starbucks closing nationwide for three hours, well, he probably used me for inspiration.

I'm a little disappointed with how my swatches turned out on camera (even worse after I uploaded them for some reason), but here they are, left to right, top to bottom:

1. MAC Lovechild Lipglass
2. MAC Palatial Lustreglass
3. MAC Composure Mattene Lipstick
4. MAC High Top Lipstick (Fafi)
5. MAC Capricious Lipstick
6. MAC Pink Maribu Lipstick
7. Jordana Baby Berry Easy Liner for Lips
8. MAC Lush-n-Lilac Cremestick Pearl Liner
9. L'Oreal Fusion GlamShine
10. Revlon Rum Radiance Lip Glide
11. Prestige Spark Vinylwear
12. Victoria's Secret Grapesicle Lip Gloss (it looks like a blank spot on my hand because it's so sheer, but it's a very soft lilac color that looks great over berry-toned lipsticks)
13. MAC Kissable Slimshine
14. Stila Brown Sugar Lip Glaze
15. MAC Dubonnet Lipstick (which looks lovely with Red Enriched Liner, which I forgot to include)
16. MAC Sophisto Lipstick
17. MAC Rebel Lipstick
18. MAC Sweetie Lipstick
19. Maybelline Drippin' Honey Wet Shine
20. MAC Boldheart Lipglass
21. MAC Varnishing Rose Lip Varnish
22. Clinique Rose Spectrum Color Surge Lipstick
23. MAC New York Apple Lipstick
24. MAC Wild 'Bout You Lipstick
25. MAC Deep Attraction Lipstick
26. MAC Russian Red Lipstick
27. Revlon Sheer Pomegranate ColorStay Overtime Sheer Lipstick
28. NYC Betti Ann Liquid Lipstick

I apologize if some of these are discontinued. I'm not sure which ones are still available. If you see one you like that you can't find in stores, you can check on They do makeup swaps there. Just be sure to sanitize it well if you do choose to swap with someone!

After all, we all want the brightest smile possible:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sexy Shoes & Hello, Prunes

Yesterday, two of my worlds collided. That there were just two of my worlds there is debatable. I experienced past/present, sexy/gross, fantasy/reality, ability-to-just-worry-about-not-busting-MY-face/can't-wear-heels-because-

Ok, so a lot of worlds. It was the opposite of the Big Bang Theory (I know there's a term for that, but there's a whining kid next to me in her crib, refusing to take her normally 2.5 hour nap, so I can't conjure it up at the moment).

I was in this cute little boutique in a nearby town's downtown area, enjoying the facts that I'd managed to work that stinking stroller at all, that I was in good company, and that I had some darn good (spilling as I walked down the slightly bumpy sidewalk with it in the cupholder of the stroller) fresh, delicious coffee. Life was good. It was almost what I've always known as normal.

You know how some couples say they met at a crowded bar, that their eyes met instantly across the room and everything/everyone else just disappeared? They knew they should probably not break away from their group of friends to go chat, and they could never take that person home to Mama....because they had dangerous and fun written all over them--a far cry from steady and dependable, or even remotely wholesome.

That's how it was with this patent leather, red stiletto peep-toe pump. In an instant, I knew I had to have a pair of them, even if they were (especially because they were!) cheap. Not practical, I said. I need to have flats--cute, girl-next-door, mommy-material flats. I'll never balance in those while carrying an extra 20 lbs on my hip, I thought (and I still won't, even though I bought them). Gaaah, it was sexy, glinting, winking at me under the muted lighting of the little store. Posed like a wallflower, but most obviously not a wallflower, the shoe was begging to be approached. By me.

I pushed my daughter in her stroller over to the display, trying my best not to drag the Vera Bradley purses that lined the floor along with me as I made my way over. What size? What size? Ah! There it is! A 6.5. My size. Score. Oh no! It's too big; it falls off when I walk. "Do you have this in a six?" I tried not to sound frantic as I had a brush with my former, sexy life.

They did. I tried it on. Tight. Don't care. Doesn't fall off. I will sit and look pretty, as long as they stay on my feet while I shuffle short distances and try to suck my belly in. At this point, I was sitting with one crimson shoe on, one clunky, flat ski-shoe-esque boot on, holding my daughter who'd begun to cry.

I guessed it was because she was hot and started to take off her top layer of clothing, a hot pink blanket sleeper. As I sat there with one foot quite literally in the past and the other one in the present, I felt my forearm begin to warm. Prunes. Peas. Up my sleeves and previously eaten. The crying finally stopped as my best friend dove into my purse for a cloth to help me clean up the mess.

"How are those shoes working out for you?" the sales lady asked.

At this point, I'd do anything to get some sort of groove back, so I answered, "A little tight, but I'm buying them anyway. And this smoky black loose eyeshadow too." I cleaned up, my friend (bless her soul!) took my baby for a minute while I checked out, and I bought the shoes. Now I just have to figure out a good time to wear them.


My hair's finally starting to shed. I'm surprised I held on to all that thickness for this long, honestly. Maybe it's because I was breastfeeding and still taking prenatal vitamins. Anyway, my hair's starting to look scraggly (and my daughter's starting to look like an Irish Setter since all my hair ends up caught on her clothes)! What are your favorite methods of making your hair thicker (or seem thicker)? I always recommend prenatal vitamins, but I'm already doing that (man, what if I had stopped those??). Products? Supplements? Foods? I need some volume!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh, to Be a Banana

We just introduced my daughter to fruit after such veggie success. So far, she's had pears and bananas. She liked the pears, but she loved the bananas. She even had them in her oatmeal this morning. What is it with that girl and bananas? I mean, look:

And if you're wondering where that's from, this is where'iss'at, where'iss'at, where'iss'at:

Speaking of bananas, they're a lot like people. I mean, they're generally sweet on the inside once you get past that outer layer. Some are easier to peel than others. If you leave them alone too long on the counter to, you know, count the spots on the ceiling or something, they get kind of mushy and let any ol' nut take them to bread. Leave them even longer and they'll turn completely rotten on you. And that just stinks.

So put your bananas to good use before they fail to perform their mission in life. Here are a few tips:
Natural Health Mag: Learn to use bananas to soothe and moisturize your dry skin. This mask smells great, and it's natural (duh).
This article, The Beauty of Bananas, teaches you how to use bananas as a facial mask, an exfoliant, a hair conditioner, and a hand cream.

Put those bananas to use! Otherwise, they'll have to make their own way in the world (another YouTube clip). Hey, wait, I want that guy's job...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Belightful Video Review--EEK!

Ok, I experimented with the video thing. Here are a few things I learned:
*Look more closely at my hair prior to making a video, especially if I just got caught in the rain (hence the "updo" in the second part). LOL My hair's messed up in general, but it's not THAT messed up.
*I should learn more editing tricks before my next one.
*I didn't lose my accent like I thought I did when I moved from south GA to north GA. That thing's like bubblegum on my shoe or something. Also, when I get nervous, my grammar "doesn't hardly make no sense." Blame it on the roots again. ;)
*I make stupid faces.
*I need to change the lighting.

Hopefully next time I won't be so nervous. I had to warm up to the video idea with a review before taking ten minutes to talk through a tutorial. I felt really silly sitting here talking to myself.

I also forgot to clarify: the powder can be a bronzer/highlighter in one. It does have a bit of color, but it's also shimmery. Either way, apply it to the tops of your cheekbones and down your nose. How bronze/highlighted you want to look depends on how much you load on.

Alright. On to the video. I may decide it's too ridiculous and take it down soon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Hottest Moms in Hollywood

LinkCelebs seem to have it all--the perfect post-kid bods, polished hair and makeup, designer clothing to make them ''and'' their kids look even cuter...

Now that we've established our jealousy, who gets your vote for the hottest Hollywood mommy, and why?

I vote for two that, to me, kind of look alike: Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera (guess she enjoys changing dirrrty diapers these days because she glows). It really has nothing to do with their platinum blonde hair or their red lips. They both just seem very polished (I prefer their more natural looks, by the way!). They also seem to embrace their bodies more than some typical celebri-mommies. In some of the pictures I've seen of them, they look very at peace.

Some of my other favorites:
Kate Hudson
Reese Witherspoon
I'm on the fence about Angelina Jolie. Adoption's beautiful, her own child is beautiful, and she is, of course, beautiful--outside and inside (in some ways). But she's still a bit of a homewrecker in my book, and I have no tolerance for those.

Scariest mommy? Britney Spears, hands down. I really hope to see her recover from whatever it is that's eating at her, and she seems to be working on it. I think that deep down, she's a gorgeous girl with a sweet soul.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

MAC Fafi High Top Lipstick Review

I went to the MAC counter tonight to check out the Fafi stuff in person after seeing some swatches online. I thought I had no interest in the collection at all because the eye shadow colors were either to close to things I have (Fafi Eyes 1) or not flattering on my skin tone (Fafi Eyes 2), and I'm an eye makeup kind of gal.

The lipsticks are unique though! I ended up with High Top which, frankly, sounds butt-ugly on the website (grey purple with blue purple--glaze. Hello, microwaved death), but is nifty on due to the duochrome effect it has on my lips.

If I'd been able to pick one more, it'd have been Fun N Sexy, the magenta with blue pearl.

Here's my review of High Top:

Color--Not really grey, not really purple, despite the description on the MacCosmetics site. It almost looks like there's nothing on my lips. Until the light hits them. There's a blue-green sheen in the sheer plum base that I haven't found in any other lipstick. Don't worry, it's not ghastly, just interesting. Oh yeah, it looks positively frightening in the tube, so don't be put off at first glance.

Texture--A little dry and gritty. This is the only downside to this lippie.

Wearability--It's extremely wearable. Especially for those who get into neutral products with a little something special for oomph. I do. This will look best on cool-to-neutral toned girls, but warm-toned girls shouldn't shy away from at least swatching it. It's a fairly a universal shade since it's so sheer. You could wear this with anything from mascara only to a full-blown black smokey eye. And it can be layered over all types of lip liners and lipsticks, too.

Scent--The normal vanilla that all MAC's lip products have. It's faint, delicious, and taste-free.

Packaging--Typical MAC black tube with a Fafi girl sticker (sorry, the picture isn't printed on the tube.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Suburban Dads

I heard this on the radio yesterday and it rang so true and made me laugh so hard, I have to share: A Valentine's Day Salute to Suburban Dads. Rock stars and bachelors in outrageously expensive sports cars and silk shirts can't hold a candle to the suburban superheroes. You can listen to it or read the text.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tutorial Preferences

I'm going to be looking for a webcam tomorrow (I hope) and I was just wondering: What type of makeup tutorials would you prefer to see--pictures with written instructions, or videos with audio instructions? Personally, I like videos best but I could be in the minority.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Webcams That Work with Macs?

This is off-subject, but I'm looking for a good webcam I can do video tutorials with. I want it to have audio, too, since I don't have a microphone on here that I know of. Is that even possible? If anyone knows of an inexpensive one that will work with my MacBook, let me know. My camcorder/firewire combo won't work. Stupid JVC and .MOD videos. Oh well, it does what we bought it for. :)

Baby Products Moms Love Too!

My face and neck are itchier than a flea-ridden pound puppy wearing prank underpants (you know, the ones with itching powder inside). I'm not sure why that is, but it reminded me of a post I wanted to make anyway about the products designed for babies that moms love for themselves, too.

Eucerin cream: It's thick, it's white, and it looks like SPF 8000 if you don't rub it in well. The smell's not horrible, but it's nothing to make the men flock to you when you take public transportation either (thank goodness). It's kind of neutral.

Anyway, this is frequently recommended for babies' faces when you can't use anything else, plus the eczema they sometimes get on their bodies. When my skin gets really dry and sensitive, I can put this on at night and let it soak in. It feels kind of gross, but it gets the job done if I don't want to use Vaseline. There's also Aquaphor, which is very similar. It looks like Vaseline (so it's not white). I can use it on my whole body, but I'm too lazy to rub it in on that kind of surface area.

You can get a tub of either Eucerin or Aquaphor at the drugstore. I think they're both less than $10 for a large amount.
Pampers baby wipes: I like these to fix makeup mishaps (eyeshadow fallout, perfecting shadow shape, red lipstick that ran outside the lines and "stained" my skin. You can also use them to remove all of your makeup at night. They're a heck of a lot cheaper than the similar items in the cosmetics section. I'm picky, though. I can only use the Pampers ones. The other brands just feel rougher to me. I'm afraid to put them anywhere near my face.

Baby powder: I love this in the Vanilla & Jasmine scent rather than the traditional baby powder scent. While baby powder's not recommended for baby butts anymore due to respiratory issues, I still like to keep it around for days when my hair's flat and kind of oily at the roots. I sprinkle a few teaspoons into my hands and rub them together, then run my fingers through my hair, massaging at the scalp. Sometimes I put it directly on my brush and run it through my hair instead.

Baby shampoo: For cleaning brushes. Cheaper than the stuff they'll sell you at the department stores and it works just as well.

Lavender-scented baby lotion: I used this stuff in college during finals week pretty constantly. It's hard to relax when you're working two jobs and taking a full load of classes. This basically rocked me to sleep, no sitting in the corner hugging my knees to my chest required. Now it's a comforting scent for lots of reasons: the aromatherapy, the "good old days" reminder, and now the connection with my baby (I use the matching lotion/shampoo on her).

Am I missing anything? Let me know!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Quick Product Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty eventful, but nothing crazy enough to write much about. I ate a lot of my favorite pie: Chocolate Chip (with walnuts).

I don't have a whooole lot of free time today, but I want to update! The Eye Bright pencil I reviewed last week is now one of my favorite things to use. I put it on my bottom waterline and it looks phenomenal. It's not as stark as the white I've used in the past (magazines recommend that color all the time, but I've always found it to look really obvious), but it definitely gives me the bright-eyed look.

Have you ever tried the white liner on the lower lash line look? If so, has it worked or did you just feel silly?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hair Help: Hide It!

It's not a secret anymore that my hair is one big nuisance. One fix-it is a hat. A baseball cap's not the most stylish thing in the world, but a beret can be. Check out this video from scalmat on YouTube:

What Was Your First Cosmetic Product?

I'm not looking forward to the day that I walk into my bathroom and find my daughter standing there, cheeks glowing not from youth, but from my Fuchsia pigment; lips rosy not from her natural coloring, but from my MAC Russian Red (which will be a nightmare to get off, might I add, since it's a matte). I do, however, look forward to her teenage years when I can help her get ready for a night out, do her prom makeup, and help her pick out her first lip gloss (which better not end up on any boy's lips or her daddy will have to give the guy one of "the lectures," poor guy).

I remember my first makeup product, a lipstick. It was CoverGirl's Continuous Color Lipstick in Iceblue Pink (they still sell it!). My best friend at the time bought the same kind in Rose Quartz. Let me tell ya, we thought we were hot stuff in our frosty pale pink lippies. Too bad I didn't realize mine made me look kind of ghastly when I didn't wear any other makeup. ;) A little mascara wouldn't have killed me, but what did I know? I was 10. Didn't need to be swiping on the mascara yet anyway.

So...fondly remember for me: What was YOUR first makeup product?

Friday, February 8, 2008


Bangs sometimes take longer to style than the rest of the hair. Since my hair is wavy/curly, they're especially annoying when it's humid out. POOF! I'm a 1980's mall rat. Some days, I don't have time to make them look perfect. Ok, most days. Here's a video from Marie Claire at Ford Models:

I love the braid one!

Benefit Cosmetics Reviews

There aren't many people who will argue with the fact that exercising is good for you. I sure won't. However, when my daughter's the one doing the exercising in the middle of the night, it's not good for me. She likes to flip over onto her belly (yay, go girl!), but then she gets 1. Stuck there and mad about it, and 2. Her arms and legs caught between the rails of the crib because we had to take the bumper out so she wouldn't suffocate, and so that if she did get stuck on her belly in the middle of the night, I could hear her screaming bloody murder, muffle-free.

I took my first trip to a Benefit counter today on a mission to buy Eye Bright: and the lady who helped me was incredibly nice. I told her about this site and how I love anything that makes me look like I slept when I didn't. There aren't many counters I've been to that offered to put the product I already wished to buy on me, plus more (though it is obviously a great sales tactic! LOL).

I want to go back for Ooh la lift sometime because I think it does work very well with the Eye Bright pencil I bought. I also picked up California Kissin' and the new Thrrrob blush because, after all, I'm a sucker for things that brighten me up when I feel like I'm dragging. So here are my reviews for what I did get:

Eye Bright: I left the counter feeling like I'd had a face lift. It was applied under my brow bone, in the inner corners of my eyes, and in three lines on the outer corners of my eyes (about half an inch each, one pointing diagonally upward, one horizontal, and one diagonally downward, kind of like crow's feet, but pale, pale pink). She blended in by patting lightly with her ring finger. The hint of color still showed, but you couldn't see the lines. The pencil goes on so smoothly, you barely have to touch it to your skin to apply.

Thrrrob Blush: I didn't know about this one before I got there. I've heard the bronzers raved about before, but never this one. Just in time for Valentine's Day, the day of aphrodisiacs and lovin', this is Benefit Cosmetic's "turned on" blush. It's a cool-toned lavender-tinged pink that looks very natural on my skin tone (applied along my cheekbones) but would probably look good on any light-medium skin. They don't advertise it as such, but I think I noticed a bit of shimmer. Look like you've been naughty before you've even been wined and dined. Bonus: the brush that comes with it has piiiink bristles so that's exciting. Man, I'm such a girl.

California Kissin': I was skeptical when the lady at the counter wanted to put this on me. I thought, "Eh, it's just a sheer lip gloss that smells like mint. Blah. Oh well, I'll humor her." Little did I know that it was going to be one of the most impressive products I checked out. It's minty, yes, and it makes your lips feel like you just brushed your teeth. It's supposed to make your teeth look whiter, too, which I think it did thanks to the blue iridescence it added to my lipstick. You can wear it under or over lipstick. Since the color isn't so obtrusive, you can layer it with just about any color for a boost.

Before today, the only Benefit product I'd tried was Get Bent mascara, which I liked, but didn't fall in love with. I got that one at Sephora about a year ago. I am now a hardcore Benefit Cosmetics fan. Didn't take long, did it?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Makeup Inspired by Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on My Guitar"

I've been meaning to do more makeup looks on here, but I'm having technical difficulties that leave me too red in the face to be photogenic, inspiring, or even nice to be around (ask the hubby), or to even post anything if I do get the video camera/digital camera to work. Well, I'm still trying to figure out how to convert .MOD files to something, anything, that will work with iMovie/YouTube and all that.

My brilliant accountant/chef/tech guy/psychologist, aka "The Hubby," figured out how to make the macro setting on our overly complicated digital camera to work. And like a smart little monkey, I remembered how to make it do what I wanted it to today. So here's a look inspired by Taylor Swift on her "Teardrops on My Guitar" video.

I would ideally have a tutorial up, but for the time being, I will spell it all out this way:

If I'd planned to do this look earlier, I would have put MAC's Strobe Cream on underneath my foundation (Everyday Minerals Original Glo Fair) and concealer (Maybelline's Age Rewind) for an extra glow.
For the cheeks, I used an amaaaazing product, MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish in Petticoat, which is my favorite blush but unfortunately discontinued. Right now, you can buy something similar from MAC's N collection. It's called Light Flush. I just lightly stroked that along my cheekbones up toward my temples. You can use any old blush brush. I actually used a paintbrush because I'm really cheap about brushes. It's way more fun to buy colorful makeup than something practical like a brush, especially when they're $40 and up at department stores. C'mon, I can get 3, maybe 4 makeup items for that! And I would have empties to trade in for something free at MAC later.

For the eyes:
  • I put down a base first. Base is especially important here because you'll be using a pigment, which is a loose, highly pigmented (hence the name) shadow. I used MAC Painterly, but you can use your concealer, Urban Decay's Primer Potion, or a cream shadow as long as you know it won't crease.
  • On top of that, I applied MAC Pigment in Silver Fog all over the lid and a little into/above the crease with a fluffy brush (again, a paintbrush, so you can just use what you have).
  • From the crease to the brow, I applied MAC Pigment in Pink Opal, a white color with pink/lavender iridescence. I kind of wrapped that around the outer edge of the Silver Fog, too, to blend it out. Again, I used the fluffy brush.
  • In the crease, I used a long, tapered paintbrush to apply MAC Charred shadow, a smoky gray with a hint of silver glitter. I blended it up a little above the crease using a windshield wiper motion.
  • In the outer corner, put a black shadow. I used the black one from the Metallics set, but MAC Black Tied or Milani Storm will do the trick. It was just more convenient than pulling out the big palette. I used a small shader brush to apply it.
  • Along the lower lash line, use that same shader brush (wipe it off first) to apply a gradient of Pink Opal, Silver Fog, and the black shadow from the inner lash line to the outer.
  • Apply black liner on your bottom waterline. Put a thin or thick (your choice, but I did a thin one today) line along the upper lash line to make your lashes look lush. I used Stila's Convertible Liner in black.
  • Top it off with black mascara of your choice. I used Stila's Major Lash. If it's a special occasion or your baby should be napping for a while and you just want to play around, glue on some false lashes. I didn't have the time or the lashes. :)
  • For lips, I used MAC Bombshell, a peachy-pink with gold shimmer and topped off with MAC Pinkarat Lustreglass.
(Nice little up-the-nose shot there, sorry!)

This is a great look for day or night. Try the thinner liner and no falsies for day, then boost your lash line with more liner and lashes for night. Take your hair down, curl, and you're ready for a night out. It'll look great over a candlelit dinner on Valentine's Day. I won't see you there; we're going out for hot wings and trivia. Hey, we get seated more quickly than we would at Olive Garden, and Valentine's Day gets to be special for the hubby, too.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Underthing Overhaul!

Now that I have some version of my pre-baby body back, it's time to get rid of the old nursing bras (seriously, I can fit my head in there...I nicknamed myself ZZ Top for the 3-4 months I was pumping), the body shapers (hello hourglass, buh-bye circulation!), and the gosh-awful shrunken pajama pants that look like they could have fit a midget M.C. Hammer (perhaps a Beastie Boy?) quite well as stage attire. Hot diggity, I'm excited to breathe and cover my ankles again, not to mention wear bras that look like bras and not faux-satin drawbridges. Oh, and "special" panties designed for pregnancy are going away too. Thank goodness!

I've forgotten what it's like to wear cute things under my blue jeans and sweaters, and especially what it's like to wear pajamas that are meant to be pleasing to the eye rather than functional things that were there simply because I didn't want the neighbors complaining about what they could see through my sidelights as I cooked up a chocolate fudge Pop-Tart, my specialty.

Here are some of my favorite pajama/underclothes that I've found for post-baby celebration:

The Daisy Fuentes Xtreme Lace Push-Up Bra and Modal Lace Tanga (Kohl's has those on sale for $19.99/$8.40). If you never look for lingerie at Kohl's, you really should! They always have amazing deals, and you may find yourself surprised by the selection. I was! Macy's is another department store worth browsing through.

My dad and his girlfriend sent our Christmas presents in the mail and I just got this super-cozy set of pajamas from Victoria's Secret, plus matching bedroom slippers. I could live in them, if only Rosalyn didn't make it difficult to live in anything for longer than the length of time it is from one meal to the next. The VS website doesn't have the actual set I have anymore, but the link I included is close to what I have and I highly recommend them. I also recommend buying a size or so smaller than you'd probably expect to wear. I had to dry mine on high (they're 100% cotton so it did the trick) to make them wearable.

If you like to mix naughty with nice and conservative, check out the Frederick's Exxtreme Cleavage sets. I have to get the band size a little larger than usual with this one, not sure why. Anyway, the colors and prints are intoxicating, and I'd say what they do for your figure is Valentine's Day-worthy. *wink wink nudge nudge*

I found the Pajamagram site while doing some work for and personally, I think the whole darn selection's adorable. I haven't ordered anything from there yet, but when I do get to do a major overhaul on my lingerie/pajama drawers, these folks will be some of the first ones I check back with online.