Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inner Beauty

This blog mainly focuses on outer beauty, but one of the major things a mom has going for her is the inner beauty that radiates from the inside out. I'd like to thank my own mom for this past week. I've been feeling overwhelmed and down. She came and spent a week with me to give me an extra set of hands while my husband was staying late at work (darn tax season).

On normal days, I don't have much time to eat lunch. If I remember, I eat whatever I can stuff into my mouth with one hand while holding a still sort of unsteady baby. So usually "lunch" is a couple of cookies, a wad of sandwich meat, and maybe--just maybe--I can wash it down with a little bit of water, ice optional depending on whether or not I want to startle the kid with the noise. This week, my mom made me lunch every day. She helped me clean my house when guests were coming over to celebrate my husband's birthday. I barely had to wash any bottles. I didn't bathe my daughter once--she did it every time. I even got to eat one of her yummy scrambled egg sandwiches for breakfast (I can never master those, she just has that "mom" touch when it comes to making dad's specialty, on the other hand, is milk with Hershey's syrup). Bonus: I got extra girl talk time.

So with my hands free and my mind available to concentrate on work, I just might meet my deadlines this month. But at the end of today, the last day she's going to be here for a while, I had to take a moment to praise the selflessness of my own mom. She's beautiful inside and out.

Sometimes, you just want to shout out to the world about the wonderful person you know. Feel free to leave your own mom/mother-in-law/grandmother stories here. I'd love to read them.

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